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Please note, if you are a Marshall psychiatry patient seeking to establish psychiatry services with EDCHC, please directly request a referral from your primary care physician. Once the referral is sent, you do not need to follow-up. A representative from EDCHC will be contacting you to establish services.

Psychiatry Services

Our psychiatric services are designed to consult and treat individuals in need of a lower level of care that would be suitable for a primary care provider to carry out a mental health treatment plan.


  • General diagnostic evaluation (no psychometric testing performed, e.g., for ADHD)
  • Medication collaboration with patients and parents/guardians/conservators
  • Genesight testing to help guide medication treatment selection
  • Referral to behavioral health therapy if patient is interested and it is recommended
  • Referral to STEPS if patient is ready
  • Once treatment plan is determined or patient deemed stable, patient’s care is transferred back to primary care provider for ongoing care with the treatment plan in place
  • Referral to a higher level of mental health care system if needed for specific circumstances

Meet the Providers

Psychiatry Providers

Dr. Denise Kellaher, DO FAPA

Open to new patients

Dr. Denise Kellaher, DO FAPA bio

Dr. Sara Timtim MD

Open to new patients

Dr. Sara Timtim MD bio